Investing in people and businesses with global potential

Tokachi was formed in 2008 specifically as a private investment vehicle to generate both income streams and capital gains in a tax effective matter.

Achieving Wealth by Stealth

Tokachi is the Gibraltar based main holding company for a Northern Cyprus based investment group with interests in companies based in the United Kingdom, the USA, Ireland, the Isle of Man and Gibraltar with business operations across the globe.

We have an eclectic investment and operating strategy which enables us to make secured and unsecured loans; buy properties; take direct equity stakes in companies – quoted and unquoted; take and trade in options over properties, shares and other assets. Since our formation in 2008 we have been able to grow our asset base from initial capital introduced of circa £10m to just over £200million (as at 31 March 2018).

We have a majority shareholder who bases himself in Northern Cyprus and a number of private minority stakeholders. Our portfolio is diverse but here is a snapshot of current investments.


We own various investment properties and have funded the prosecution of various planning applications and have direct investments in the resultant development vehicles. A number have been sold successfully and our current portfolio includes:


We make loans to individuals – such as a recent £3m loan to fund a £5.5m purchase of a residential property - and to corporations, both secured and unsecured – such as a small £1.1m loan to assist a healthcare group to retain ownership of its property portfolio.

We also invest in regulated lenders and are a significant founder shareholder in a UK based asset finance company with a loan book of circa £70m.

Waste Management

We are a shareholder in a major UK city centre waste transfer facility which also won - and sold the benefit of – a 25 year county wide PFI contract.


The company has invested heavily in start-ups. Some have, inevitably, failed. However, the company has stakes in several which have proven successful, four of which are in the energy sector.


The company has invested in a number of Digital Media Sales agencies. These agencies have exclusive media rights for regional and national sales. These businesses are currently trading within the United States, United Kingdom and Ireland.

We have acquired an interest in a world leading film distribution company, which encrypts and distributes on bespoke hardware films and advertising to cinemas across the globe – working with major film producers such as Disney and cinema groups such as Odeon.

Quoted Investments

Tokachi has a number of strategic stakes in special situation quoted companies, predominantly in technology, media and recruitment. All of these quoted investments are for the medium to long-term with the aim of substantial capital growth.

Social Responsibility

Tokachi financially supports and advises a number of charities which work with other charities supporting those suffering the effects of mental ill health, homelessness and drug addiction.

We intend to support our chosen charities with a minimum of 10% of our net income and capital gain.


We do not employ our personnel. All are engaged as partners and all are remunerated with a blend of fees, options and equity stakes. We are keen to engage with ambitious prospective partners who need access to capital from an agile and non-traditional financier. We have no “hard wired” rules of engagement – no internal politics; no fixed exit dates or holding targets; no minimum or maximum investment size or % ownership.

We pay for our investee companies to secure state of the art technology and for the advice and support of industry leaders where their resources do not permit. We are a supportive and constructive investor with a wealth of experience and a strong and supportive network of business contacts built up over the last 40 years.

We value our privacy and that of our investee companies. Unlike other similar investment groups we do not “shout from the rooftops” about our achievements.

We work with other like minded funders and can often introduce alternate partners even where we are unable to assist.

Contact Tokachi

If you require any further assistance or to speak with us, then please either send us a message or get in-touch using the contact information listed below.

T: +44 (0) 800 669 6 729
E: [email protected]

Suite 7, Hadfield House, Library Street, Gibraltar